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#5 – Cattleack BBQ

It’s a classic boy-meets-grill story. Todd David had a real job for 30 years. During that time, he charmed his friends, family, and employees with his grilling talents. They encouraged him to turn pro. David sold his business and started a catering company with his wife, Misty, out of a tiny warehouse near Midway and Alpha. He decided to open to the public just one day a week in 2013 and two days a week a year later, but as the lines formed and word spread, he began taking pre-orders to ease the squeeze. Now David has annexed the empty space next door and added seating for 100. The loyalists we shared a table with swore his brisket with a cracked black peppercorn bark is the best in town. We found joy in cheesy jalapeño grits, beans baked with pulled pork, and thick, moist beef and spare ribs…

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Cued Up – Cattleack Barbecue Is Driving Excellence.

Tucked away in an industrial business area — a place one wouldn’t necessarily expect to find some of the best smoked meat in Dallas — is the almost-hidden Cattleack Barbeque.

Still, come Thursdays and Fridays, when Todd David fires up his thousand-gallon smokers, the savory smell of barbecue fills the air and David’s band of loyal followers come running.

Everything this little hole-in-the-wall barbecue joint serves is homemade — other than the chips and sodas. Todd chops almost every piece of meat himself, while his wife Misty and the other staff serve the customers. Sure, the operation is a small one, but it makes the experience of eating there all the more personal. Heck, they will even offer diners a free beer while they wait in line.

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Cattleack Barbeque makes smokin’ return at revamped shop with lots of meat

People often line up outside Cattleack Barbeque in North Dallas; after all, the smoke house is open surprisingly few hours — just 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays. Read More>>


Take a Look Inside the Newly Expanded Cattleack Barbeque

Cattleack Barbeque (their spelling, not mine) re-opened today after closing for a couple of weeks to expand and remodel. I stopped by this morning, camera in hand, to scope out the news digs. Take a look. Read More>>


Follow The Trail Through Dallas’ Smokin’ Hot Barbecue Scene

Perhaps Dallas’ worst-kept secret, just getting into this cult destination can feel like cause for celebration. You’ll almost certainly encounter a line, and it’s mostly outside. Plus the place is only open for a few hours (10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.) on Thursdays and Fridays. But as they say: Good things come to those who wait. Read More>>


The South’s Top 50 Barbecue Joints 2016

Cattleack Barbeque is a small stripmall joint with very limited hours (lunchtime on Thursdays and Fridays only) and brisket as good as anywhere in Texas. You can order that hand-slice beef by the pound along with ribs, sausage, pork, and turkey, or go the simple route with the Toddfather sandwich, which piles sliced brisket, pork, and hot link sausage on a soft warm bun.  Read More>>


Inside the Bigger, Bolder, and Better New World of American BBQ

Pastrami—beef brisket that’s been cured and smoked—is the quintessential Jewish deli order, usually piled high on rye. Recently it’s found a home in barbecue joints. Cattleack Barbeque in Dallas cubes beef-belly pastrami into salty nuggets…  Read More>>


No-Sauce Snobs, Step Back: It’s OK to Put Sauce on Barbecue

And then came the boom. A younger crowd of pit masters, highlighted by Austin’s Aaron Franklin, opened their own barbecue joints soaked in the tradition of the Smittys, the Louie Muellers and the Kreuz Markets. Locally, people like Todd David of Cattleack BBQ or Matt Dallman at 18th & Vine left day jobs to pursue the art of smoking meats. And they found a new, willing audience who appreciated the time, effort and history of barbecue…  Read More>>


Cattleack Pitmaster Tells All

Todd David reveals the secret of how to make world-class barbecue brisket in your own backyard… Read More>>


An Indulgent Barbecue Delicacy: A Guide to Burnt Ends in DFW

Much like Heim’s barbecue truck, Cattleack makes you work for it. This beloved barbecue spot, curiously nestled in a street filled with nondescript office buildings, opens for lunch only two days a week, and there’s a line. Don’t despair, for the line moves quickly and free beer is in a cooler by the cash register. Plus, as Cattleack’s been posting on social media, the line tends to run down by 1 p.m., while there’s still plenty of meat to be had.  Read More


Top 5 BBQ Sandwiches in DFW

1.  The Toddfather- Cattleack BBQ, Dallas, TX

This sandwich includes brisket, pulled pork and sausage covered in BBQ sauce on a soft white bun.  The sandwich includes a small side of coleslaw giving you the option to add it if you would like.  I took the first bite without and loved the sweet sauce paired with the perfectly smoked meat.   I then added the slaw to the sandwich and with the added crunch, it put this one over the top for me to make it #1 on my list.  Read More>>


CattleAck BBQ

Nestled between mostly vacant office suites and furnishings warehouses near the end of Gamma Road, Cattleack BBQ is delicious reminder of why barbecue will always reign supreme in the Lone Star State.   Read More >>


12 DFW BBQ Spots That Will Make You Drool

Free beer while you wait, people. FREE. COLD. BEER. And that’s not the best reason to come to Cattleack, not even remotely. The food is. Try their signature sandwich, “the Toddfather,” consisting of brisket, pulled pork and hot link, and named after Todd David, head pit master and owner. If you order just the meats, try the brisket. It’s fatty and doesn’t need sauce. The ribs are tender and moist with a peppery crust. For sides, try the loaded baked beans or the cheesy jalapeno grits…  Read More>>


Holy marbeled brisket! Could Cattleack Barbecue be the best in Dallas? (3 stars)

There’s a thing I keep seeing people do when they take their first bite at Cattleack Barbecue. I call it the Cattleack eye-roll. It’s often followed by words like “revelatory,” “life-changing” and, in one recent case, “sickeningly good.” OK, I know it’s just smoked meat, but what smoked meat this is. It may be the best barbecue in Dallas — and that’s saying something now that our once barbecue-impoverished town has upped its game so much. It’s easily some of the best I’ve ever tasted, anywhere…  Read More>>


This little joint is open only two days a week—and weekdays, at that! If you show up right when it opens, expect to wait in line with the regulars, who know that the early carnivore gets the daily special—items like smoked boudin, lamb sausage, Akaushi beef ribs, and, perhaps best of all, the Que-T-Pie, basically a brisket-stuffed turnover. Come a little later to avoid the line and you might still score some barbecue staples, like incredible brisket, succulent spare ribs, and a few slices of moist turkey breast….  Read More>>



It’s been two years since Texas Monthly published its last Top 50 BBQ Joints list. It was a feat of reporting that took me and my barbecue-eating cohorts across the state to eat at countless legendary restaurants, holes-in-the-wall, out-of-the-way joints. The work didn’t end when the issue went to press. My job since then has essentially been one giant scouting mission for the next list slated for the summer of 2017. In my travels, one thing has become obvious: there are more good barbecue joints opening now than ever before. It’s getting harder to find a bad meal out there, and that’s something worth celebrating. Rather than wait another two years, we decided to highlight these hard-working and talented pitmasters that have opened joints since our last list came out, as well as a few others that took us a little longer to find…. Read More>>


I understand why people don’t do it, but when they do make it, like up at Cattleack Barbecue and at Pecan Lodge both, it has really become one of their signature items rather than kind of a forgettable menu add-on… Read More>>

Dallas Observer best barbeque restaurant

Just a little banner for us winning Best Barbecue in the Observer


wfaa_stillTodd David of Cattleack Barbeque in Dallas helps us celebrate International Bacon Day by demonstrating his technique for homemade barbecue sauce and dry rub for under $8. >>Read the rest of the article


Cattleack4-700x933-tmbbqAlong Alpha Road you’ll pass a few furniture stores, a discount mattress outlet and a block or two of banal single-story retail buildings. When you turn north on Gamma Road you’ll think for sure that you’re in the wrong neighborhood, but look for the sidewalk signs advertising BBQ. There will likely be a line out the door that’s right beside the pig-shaped neon sign. That means it’s Friday at Cattleack BBQ… >>Read the rest of the article


Cattleack BBQ’s Toddfather voted “Best Barbecue Sandwich” by the Dallas Observer



DallasObserver_SausageBefore the door even closed behind us, Misty David belted out, “There’s free beer in the cooler,” and sure enough there was. There are worse ways to start your barbecue experience, and the box of iced Lone Star and Shiner Bock was in stark contrast to the offerings of the other businesses in the industrial park. Those who come to Gamma Road typically look for used office-cube furniture or a fine metals refinery. Only recently did a stop at Cattleack BBQ become feasible.

I pulled the metal tab on my can, and it cracked and hissed.

Now we were in a barbecue restaurant… >>Read the rest of the article

 Texas BBQ Posse

New Dallas Joint: CattleAck BBQ

TXBBQPosseIn the wake of the Texas Monthly Top 50 list which was released this week, there’s been an abnormal amount of BBQ chatter on Twitter.

It was in a Tweet I saw mention of CattleAck BBQ in Dallas. I was intrigued, as I’ve at least heard of most joints in Dallas and this one was under my radar.

A jump to their Twitter feed @cattleackbbq led me to their website…. >>Read the rest of the article

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Cattleack Barbeque (Dallas, TX)

I arrived at 10:20am, and there were already half a dozen people in line. The early bird gets the worm, and their customer base clearly isn’t messing around. While I waited, my eyes zeroed in on the Igloo cooler of cold beer, which Cattleack offers to its customers free of charge. A few folks in line had no qualms about popping a top. If it hadn’t been so early in the day, I probably would have taken them up on the offer too… >>Read the rest of the article


Grilled Cheese, Cubans and Fried Bologna: The 14 Most Comforting Sandwiches in Dallas (Dallas, TX)

If you’re listing the best barbecue in Dallas, it’s essential to include Cattleack’s sausage and brisket — both of which are piled on the Toddfather sandwich. These perfectly smoked meats are tacked on a fresh, warmed bun along with pulled pork that will ruin you for all other pulled pork… >>Read the rest of the article