Eat in or Take out

You’re invited to join Cattleack BBQ for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays between 10:30am and 2pm and the 1st Saturday of the month 10:30-2:00. Our BBQ restaurant has both inside and outside seating for those who want a quick bbq break from their busy schedules…or bring your bbq back to the office and make all your co-workers jealous with the heavenly aroma of our smoky barbequed meats and our delicious crack cake. Om nom nom.



just the meatBrisket
Pork Ribs
Homemade Sausages
Beef Ribs
Pulled Pork

pig picture for the menu

Pulled pork
Our Signature sandwich
“The Toddfather”
(brisket, pulled pork, & hot link)
“Voted top 100 Dallas Observer”

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menu icon for sides
Loaded baked beans
Classic Potato salad
homemade cole slaw
Mac & Cheese
Cheesy JalapeÑo Grits

menu image for drinks Soft Drinks &
Old-fashioned sodas
Sweet Leaf Tea

banana pie desert

Banana Pudding Pie
Crack cake